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STP & WTP Maintenance

A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man

Greenline provides turnkey end to end industrial process water treatment and drinking water treatment and distribution solutions. While our team has studied the potable water requirements of communities, villages, towns, residential and commercial needs. We offer water treatment plants that are engineered to possess optimised foot print, guaranteed quality output and minimum downtime. Greenline implements a variety of physicochemical processes using leading technologies to obtain quality drinking, process water and ultra pure water by offering systems for:

• Removal of Inorganic matter is like ammonium, iron, manganese, nitrates, fluorides, sulphates, arsenic etc.
• Removing of Organic pollutants like chlorinated hydrocarbons, DOC, chemicals of pesticides, etc.
• Hardness removal and Softening.
• De-mineralisation and multi bed mineralisation.
• Electro de-ionization and Ion Exchange.
• Nano-filtration and Ultra-filtration.
• Disinfection of water to treat microbiological contaminants.
• Acidity control and pH correction.
• Oxygenation and Carbon Dioxide removal and scale mitigation.
• Ultra-pure water treatment systems.
• Swimming Pools water and recreational water body treatment and recirculation plants.